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Presence • Embodiment • Movement • Communication • Creativity

  “The awakening of the imagination is an incredible event in a person’s life. It is where new directions and new shapes are to be found–where the inner qualities we long for can be created. Imagination is a sacred force. Creation is a magnificent act of imagination.” - John O’Donohue

There is a strong emphasis on developing our capacity of attention – what and how we perceive – to the whole creative act of perceiving.

We open our sensuous capacity to feel sensation through grounded attentional practices. Sensations keep us in touch with the present – our organismic state, our needs, and where we are in our environment.

We refine our ability to sense intrinsic movements and the fluid forces of creation to guide our healing and creative unfolding.

We develop resources for our ability to experience all that the river of life delivers, deepening our capacity for embodiment. We never forget that each person’s life is an amazing nexus of experience that has never appeared before and will never appear again.

The primacy of the human heart – to love and be loved–the depths of its imagination, and the skills of intimacy, mutual inquiry, and dialogue are all cultivated.

In movement and in words, we articulate the conversation of our hearts longing and belonging.

Our explorations are guided by a philosophy of respect for our organismic intelligence, which is connected to the stream of all life processes.

Our deepest health lies in our capacity to perceive the animating life force inherent in the fluid dynamics inside our bodies, and in the formative energetic field.

The discovery of HOW we bring our inner atmosphere of possibility into creative embodied fulfillment is our passionate challenge and creative delight.

Continuum Em'oceans & Sensation Portals of Perception


“Susan’s trainings are a leading edge for conciousness transformation.”Kevin Frank, Advanced Rolfer"

“Susan is a teachers’ teacher. Her whole-bodied languaging brings me to greater depths. I come home with new seams of creativity to weave into my own teaching." Samara Michaelson, Movement Teacher"

"Susan is at home in her body. She helps re-orient, unfreeze perceptual options, and re-animate our vitality. Susan teaches availability to life. We are invited into lost, forbidden and unknown places in our bodies and psyches.” Stephanie Franz-Rivera, Movement Therapist"