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Em’oceans and Sensations trainings involve the practice of awareness, opening perception, dream work, emotional/sensation articulation, and the art of relationship.

These trainings provide exercises and skills in developing:

  • Somatic Resources - Connection to Organismic Intelligence, Breath, Capacity for Grounding, and Open Perceptual /Sensory Channels.
  • Presence and Resonance
  • Shock and Trauma Resolution
  • Intrapersonal Dialogue - cognitive and somatic
  • Interpersonal Relating - self and other

The fundamental focus is to cultivate perceptive presence, deep sentient embodiment, and skills of intimacy–knowing and being known, loving and being loved–without obstruction. We inquire into ruts of perceptual habit and unexamined thought patterns. With a depth of imagination we open new possibilities for participating in life.

Level One: We explore a variety of styles of attention and their affect. We build somatic and perceptive resources. In partner work we develop witnessing and resonance skills. We attend sensations, our unique direct sensory experience, and the inner workings of how we perceive. Spacious resourced sensations can support us in titrating the difficult sensations, which arise from undigested traumas. Skills to feel, identify, process, and communicate our sensations, needs, and emotions are developed.

Level Two: We deepen awareness and embodiment. In individual
and partner exercises we refine the skills of tracking, both verbally and somatically, with each other. The focus is on dialogue and relationship skills, revolving around witnessing, somatic resonance, and communication.

Group size limited to 14 participants. These are in-depth professional trainings for developing high-quality inquiry, tracking, and dialogue skills for inner work and with clients and students.

Testimonials for Em’Oceans and Sensations:

“Susan Harper’s Em’oceans and Sensations trainings help to ground my work, by providing practice, practical skills in tracking sensation and feeling, increasing my perceptual awareness, and developing more facility with dialogue. I highly recommend this work for everyone who works as a teacher or therapist.”
Mary Abrams, Continuum Teacher
Moving Body Resources, President of ISMETA.

Em'oceans and Sensations taught me about being in my body while in relationship to myself and others. Susan is gifted in matching content with pace in a way that allows embodiment and open curiosity. This workshop is invaluable for those who are becoming teachers and for teachers who want to expand themselves creatively."
Kim Brodey – Continuum Movement teacher.

The kind of communication Susan modeled and fostered in the group was authentic and true. The atmosphere Susan was able to quickly create in the group was compassionate and profoundly supportive. The work that we did with Susan under these conditions in the Em'oceans and Sensations workshop provoked deep changes in me that I am only beginning to understand.The workshop has helped me get in touch with a deeper understanding inside me through beginning to make connections among different parts of myself..... the wisdom of the body, the power of the emotions, the vision of spirit, and the discriminating ability of the intellect. This work is desperately needed in this culture where the norm is to elevate one or two and repress the others to the detriment of the whole.
Kathy Conde – Student from Colorado.

The experiential part of this work is so powerful for manifesting the changes we are intending. Books & lectures just stay in my head - this work "goes" to all parts of me...
I got pretty clearly - that instead of only checking in with my head (sometimes I also checked my heart) but now I can check in with my whole body - skin, bone, muscle, viscera and the "information" I get seems more in truth and not so filtered through the "rules", "shoulds" and culture.
Gale Prososki - Marsland – Student from Tucson, AZ.