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Videos and Recordings

See a Free Film About Susan’s Work

This documentary by Watermark Arts explores the evolution of Susan’s work, her dedication to creative practices of inquiry and her collaboration with teachers in the fields of movement, somatics, meditation, perception, and psychotherapy.

Continuum Montage - Awakening Through Embodied Inquiry
from the Embodied Movement Conference
Released February 9, 2022

Continuum Montage - A Soulversation
from the Musitations™ Podcast with Michael Brant DeMaria
Released June 17, 2021

Susan on Being With: Regenerating Wholeness in Chaotic Times
from the Passing 4 Normal Podcast with Sharon Weil
Released Apr 7, 2020

Susan on Continuum, Streaming, and the Nature of Perception
from The Body Awake, a podcast series with Liam Bowler
Released Apr 25, 2017

Check out other podcasts from Liam Bowler at www.thebodyawake.com.

This interview is part of the Body Intelligence Summit, a free online event where you can learn from some of the most potent scientists, therapists, dancers and bodyworkers about how to become more deeply and beautifully embodied. For more information, please visit the Body Intelligence Summit website bodyintelligencesummit.com.

ChangeAbility Part 1: Seeing with The Eyes of Wonder with Susan Harper and Sharon Weil
Released Oct 13, 2016

Susan Harper, founder of Continuum Montage, creates experiential contexts for perception and movement awareness, and creative expression. Susan and Sharon discuss how to engage the world as if for the first time through “eyes of wonder”, and how to find the safety required to take the risks involved in meeting the unknown.

ChangeAbility Part 2: Courting Change through Living Ritual and Elemental Theater with Susan Harper and Sharon Weil
Released Oct 27, 2016

Susan Harper, founder of Continuum Montage, continues her conversation with Sharon – this time speaking about creating Living Ritual. These are contexts designed to shift consciousness from the habitual into a much larger perspective and experience of the possibility of interconnected living. Through participation with the elements, dreams, and living symbols, these contexts open doors to personal understanding, making the unknown more visible, and allowing meaningful change to occur.