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Opening a dreaming state is an adventure; it is creative, full of surprises, revelations, and play,
even with dreams that appear upon waking to be boring, scary or difficult. Dream work reveals the needed conversations deep in our psyche that invite us to greater inclusion and integration of all hidden, forbidden and not yet-known aspects of our deeper self. We explore dreams to loosen the grip of identity in the living dream we call our waking life.


Using a somatic approach we track our dreams or life experiences for those who don't remember dreams. We enter the details, tend to the nuances of image, and sensation, and arrive at an insight, an existential message whose meaning has the power to reshape our life. This training includes demos of dream tracking, solo, partner and group explorations. We learn the art of dialogue as we enter, and speak from different perspectives. These explorations open new vistas and deepen our human incarnation.

IN DEEP MOVEMENT DIVES - We breathe, slow down, sound, listen, rest into spacious silence, and deepen our capacity for fluid grounded embodiment of our creative envisioning. We will explore the elemental affinity between our bodies and the unfolding dreaming of the living breathing planetary body.

MOVING DREAMS - We bring dreams to life by moving their qualities, feelings and characters. When images come alive inside the wisdom of our bodies, an understanding is birthed that affects the original dream, the body, and the dreamer.


We open a dreaming circle to entertain new possibilities and accept the challenge to bring the colors of our deepest dreams/desires into our life now. Dreams continually whisper answers to our questions from the parts of us that live deep in the unknown. The transition between being resigned and defended to dancing on the edge of uncharted territory and becoming touchable is the work - together we create support to live in to that journey.

SUSAN HARPER teaches internationally and has been contributing to the development of Continuum since 1975. Her dreamwork has been inspired by the teachings of Chris Price - Gestalt Awareness Practice, and the perceptual movement work of Hubert Godard with whom she co-taught Portals of Perception.

This theme is also inspired by John O'Donohue, David Whyte, Mary Oliver, Stephen Harrod Buhner, David Hinton, and Michael Meade. and by Lama Drimed with whom she teaches regularly.