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LINKS - Here are some links we thought you'd enjoy, including colleagues and related topics:

Continuum Montage Event Sponsors and Retreat Centers
Penny Allport - Vancouver, Canada Mary Abrams - Moving Body Resources, NY

Barbara Hundshammer - Germany

Gael Rosewood Beth Pettengill-Riley - The Moving Well Santa Cruz, CA Yoshitaka Koda - Japan

Resources in Movement-Kevin Frank & CarynMcHose Holderness, NH

Healing from the Core - Suzanne Scurlock-Durana - Reston,VA

Esalen Institute Big Sur, CA

Divo Müller - Body Bliss - Germany Robert Litman

Rebecca Lawson - North Carolina

Catherine Kocher-Berne, Switzerland Doris Mosler - Seattle, WA Steven Harper

Movement Resources
Camille Maurine Resources in Movement Jo Cobbett - Movinground
Michael & Anneli Molin-Skelton Spiritweaves Vinn Marti - Soul Motion ™ Moving Body Resources, NY
Wendy Palmer - Conscious Embodiment

Jamie McHugh - Somatic Expression

Reiko Namita Dewey - The Art of Sacred Touch
Gabrielle Roth - The 5 Rhythms ™ International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Dance Alive
  Continuum Movement Arts  

Bodywork Resources
Pilar Martin The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration Robert Schleip - Somatics
New Scientist - Global Science Topics Innerbody - Human Anatomy Online Mae Wan Ho - Institute of Science in Society
Rick Gutierrez - Integrative Tracking Earth & Sky Healing Arts  

Body Psychotherapy and Trauma Healing Resources
Dr. Peter Levine - Trauma Healing Christine Price - Tribal Ground - Gestalt Awareness Practice Pat Ogden - Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute
Bessel van der Kolk, MD - Trauma Center The Focusing Institute The Hakomi Method of Body-Centered Psychotherapy
Susan Aposhyan Body-Mind Psychotherapy The School for Body Mind Centering® Annie Brook - The Brook Institute
Anne Isaacs - Bodynamics Stephen Gilligan Naropa - Somatic Psychology
United States Association for Body Psychotherapy Dawna Markova - Professional Thinking Partners Undefended Love
  Waterbirth Information  

Consciousness, Meditation, Articles & Nonviolent Communication Resources
Center for Non-Violent Communications Byron Katie Richard Moss Margaret Wheatley Pema Chödrön/Shambhala Teachers
Reginald Ray - Dharma Ocean Foundation Utne Shambhala Sun Online Johanna Putnoi Martin Prechtel
Council Training / The Ojai Foundation Steven Harper   Institute of Heart Math Shambhala Mountain Center

Health Products & Articles
Sumanasinc - The Vestibular System  

Wilderness River Trips & Bali Retreat Center
Steven Harper Ken Ballard - Journeys
Nichols Expeditions - Judy & Chuck Nichols  

Music Resources
Backroads Music Michael Stearns KCRW Radio Nana Simopoulos Novick Music

Jim Cole
Spectral Voices

Art Resources
The Center for Touch Drawing The 18th Street Arts Complex Doris Mosler - Fine Artist
Niki Berg Photography Alex Grey's website