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Continuum workshops offer a variety of movement explorations, which include wave motion, micromovements, sounds, and breaths. These exercises evoke detailed fluid articulations throughout your living breathing body.

Liquid organic movements
curve, spiral, and undulate with the biological flow of life currents. When you engage the fluid systems inside the organism you enliven a system that has, at its essential nature, flexibility, fluidity, and wholeness. Feeling the sensations of intrinsic movements supports an internal sense of aliveness and connection to the intelligence of a larger planetary process. These movements encourage a heartful, listening, responsive organism, and a wondrous attentional capacity in a self-paced process that is pleasurable and empowering.

In Continuum Depths Retreats we emphasize opening an exquisitely tuned field of attention to deepen our experience with the multi-faceted spectrum of movement, breath and sound explorations of Continuum.In the retreat setting there is an emphasis on slowing down, shedding our habitual rhythms, and allowing a deep listening to guide us into unexplored territories.
In a Depths retreat we undergo a symbolic movement journey where we shed the skins of cultural hypnosis and fear, to discover our innermost connection to the original animating creative forces that call us into life. We melt into our hearts and resurrect in the primal atmosphere of love.

The Depths Retreats are designed for experienced Continuum participants and include an "allnighter" (days of silence) for those who long to deepen in a rich field of silence, slow luxurious time, and inner movement.

Continuum is a unique inquiry into our capacity to innovate and participate with the essential, generative, and biological movement processes of life.

Continuum Explores the idea that what we call a "body" or a "brain" is actually a creative, nonlinear, unfolding event. "Movement is something we are" is a favorite statement of Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum. We explore the mobile diversity of breath,invite our sounds to permeate living tissue, and experience the inherent fluidity of our biological organism.

As Creative Organisms we can participate in rich and varied interactions with our biosphere, allowing us to become more resourceful planetary beings contributing to our cultural contexts.

Continuum Encourages a rapport with the wisdom that swims in our cells and encourages life to unfold.  Participating with these fundamental movements provides an opportunity to join with the underlying creative matrix, which in its vastness spawns protoplasm, humans and galaxies.

Continuum contributes to the field of movement education by providing a rich spectrum of modalities for dancers, somatic practitioners, fitness professionals, psychotherapists, mystics, poets, artists, and anyone interested in the creative process.


Movement is related to the mobility of breath. Learning a variety of breaths and sounds stimulates new sensations and shapes movement. Variations in breath disrupt habitual patterns. Our resiliency and adaptability connect directly to versatility of breath.

Engaging a repertoire of breath and sounds stimulates a spectrum of internal sensations and movements. Breath becomes an aesthetic flow resonating through connective tissue, spinal fluid and skeletal structure.

Vivid palettes of sensation provide more choices in our responsiveness. Elaborating our "felt sense" of sensation is a rich resource for healing and self-emergence. Sensation allows for silent states of knowing and joins us to the underlying intelligence, which guides all organisms.

Micromovements are neural messengers felt as tiny pulsations. They bring electrical conductivity and complex stimulation to atrophied and healthy tissue. Micromovements invigorate and nourish nerve fiber and contribute to the development of new neural pathways.

Cellularly inspired movements curve, arc, spiral and undulate. When we engage the organic fluid systems, we tap the essence of flexibility, fluidity and wholeness. Fluid movements stimulate life processes in our organs, skeletal
structure and which affect the aging process.

Softened by the play of breath, we invoke rippling waves into our torso, pelvis and limbs. These oceanic undulations can be experienced as a kind of love. As we dwell in this atmospheric substance, defensiveness can melt, guiding, softening, dissolving and resurrecting us. We become more resonant, open and capable of communion with all life.