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This series of trainings completed in 2011 but if you are interested in more information about future events, please contact us.


Portals of Perception - At the heart of our collaboration is the profound desire to elaborate our relational capacity, and open our ‘potential of action’ for participating in the mystery we call life. How we exchange with the world is what we call perception. Each perceptual style affects our physical structure, movement, and psychological profile; and affects how we relate. How one relates to gravity and inhabits space are dynamics of relating . We are training the ability to see/sense - in ourselves and in others – movement, and perceptual organization.

We will also explore movement in the language of life with micromovements, subtle wave motion, primordial breaths and sounds with open attention, which encourages a heartful, listening, responsive organism in both workshops.

Portals of Perception and Movement in the Field of Bodywork
Open to those who have a bodywork practice and who have a functional knowledge of anatomy.
This training offers practitioner skills and interventions to open these dynamic ranges:
sensorial integration, structural support, fluid breathing, core stabilization and core coordination.

Portals in the Field of Emotion, Psyche and Movement
The content is focused on perception in movement, to penetrate how deeply meaning shapes our bodies,
and to provide perceptual doorways to refine and open our psyche and emotional intelligence.
Our natural bodies are covered in words—by our body image, which is shaped by the eyes of the other, and symbolic cultural meanings.
In this training we offer practitioner skills and interventions to address the use of metaphor and language to open fluency in the creative act of recomposing body image and therefore body schema.

HUBERT GODARD - is a dancer, Rolfer®, movement teacher, and researcher, who lives in France and teaches worldwide. Godard's teaching focuses on the ways orientation to space and weight predispose perception and movement. He served as the dean of the Department of Dance Movement Analysis at the University of Paris from 1993 to 1999, and continues to direct research on movement rehabilitation in Milan, Italy.

SUSAN HARPER - brings her thirty-three years of experience teaching Continuum Movement internationally to the work she has developed in Em'oceans and Sensations Trainings. They have collaborated together for over 10 years with the Portals work.

Assisted by PILAR MARTIN - Rolfer®, Bringing her many years of experience with this work to assist the training. As a nurse-midwife and somatic practitioner with extensive training in Rolfing, Visceral Manipulation and perceptual awareness. In her passion for the human form and its relationship with the cosmos.

Assisted by CARYN MCHOSE - has taught creative movement since 1968. She is a Somatic Movement Therapist and SE® Practitioner, and created the Experiential Anatomy course at Middlebury College which became the basis for Bodystories, A Guide to Experiential Anatomy by Olsen with collaboration by McHose. Caryn’s movement curricula reflect an inquiry into structural integration using perception, coordination, and imagination.
Caryn and Kevin co-authored, How Life Moves, Explorations in Meaning and Body Awareness , North Atlantic, 2006, and co-founded Resources in Movement, a center for body/mind inquiry in Holderness, NH.