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In this 6-day retreat, we explore the relational capacity of the heart. Through movement, feeling, and perceptual explorations we refine the compass of our genuine longing, and fundamental belonging.

Everything that happens has the potential to deepen you. Belonging is a powerful theme, directly related to the capacity for intimacy that is in every human being. Our understanding of longing and belonging needs to radically change as we grow in this strange journey we call life.

"I am belonging to the sound of the wind, sighing through my body
and to beauty that lives in the natural world reminding me ‘my nature is nature.’
I am building a hearth of belonging in my heart
where the searing fires of loss and possibility meet,
and where imagination awakens and healing happens."
-Susan Harper


Using the awakening energy of dancing through the 5 Rhythms®, Soul Motion™, we will move
with the grace of our belonging and the struggles of our exclusion.

Through the organismic movements and sounding in the inquiry style of Continuum Montage we will explore the intelligent dynamics of the elements—water, air, fire, earth, and space—in our bodies; deepening our inherent connection to our wild breathing planetary body.

Through movement and ritual, we will explore the meaning of how and where we belong in
ourselves and our lives, and the places we feel exiled from ourselves and others. We will actively step into the participation required to belong, responding to the call that stirs a deep inner longing to fall into the place we call home. We will experience the possibility of resting through our bodies and listening to the silences within; to trust and surrender as gravity repeatedly tells us, ‘I have a place for you: it is called here.'

MiCHAEL MOLIN-SKELTON- reaches through dance rather than teaches to dance. “Dance is not something I do, it’s simply who I am.” He creates Spirit Weaves events with his beloved wife, Anneli Molin-Skelton in Los Angeles and internationally.

SUSAN HARPER has been teaching and contributing to Continuum since 1975. She is the developer of Body of Relating and Body of Perception Trainings and with Hubert Godard she co-developed Portals of Perceptions.

This work is also inspired by Michael Meade, David Whyte, Mary Oliver,
John O'Donohue, and Chris Price's Gestalt Awareness Practice.

New dates coming soon!
Susan Harper & Michael Molin-Skelton
Hearth of Belonging
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA

Contact -Esalen Institute
831 667-3000