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The dynamics of how we relate are simultaneously physical and psycho-emotional. We inquire into our core patterns — healing those that limit us, and enhancing those that bring us openness, connection and depth. Our emphasis is on the skills of intimacy–knowing and being known, loving and being loved–without obstruction.

Our essential nature of kindness and openness to life is renewed with loving presence as we honestly meet and heal where we have been wounded, and soften where we have hardened in a process of safety and respect.


High-quality dialogue skills, and somatic and cognitive tracking skills, will be developed for work with oneself, clients and students in this in-depth professional training.

In partner work we develop the art of inquiry, witnessing, somatic resonance, and relational dialogue. Skills to feel, identify, process, and communicate our needs and emotions are developed.

We perceptively engage the action capacity—the skeletal structure, ligaments, and the striated muscle system to support, protect, and back the container of our soft visceral organs, and our emotional expressivity. Precise exercises create a strong, flexible and perceptive body/psyche that feeds our vitality, and creativity as we meet, orient and respond to an ever-changing world.

In deep movement dives we breathe, slow down, sound, listen, rest into spacious silence, and deepen our capacity for fluid grounded embodiment of our creative envisioning. We will explore the elemental affinity between our bodies and the unfolding dreaming of the living breathing planetary body. We build somatic resources — awareness of organismic intelligence, breath, capacity for grounded embodiment, and perceiving the myriad sensations of being alive

SUSAN HARPER has been teaching and contributing to Continuum since 1975. She developed Em'oceans and Sensations Trainings inspired by the teachings of Chris Price - Gestalt Awareness Practice, which is a nonanalytic, noncoercive, nonjudgmental practice in which we deepen our practice of being with what is. This work also integrates Perceptual/Movement principles from Hubert Godard, and Somatic Experiencing - Peter Levine.