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"Susan's trainings are a leading edge for conciousness transformation."
Kevin Frank, Advanced Rolfer and Movement teacher

“Susan Harper is one of my mentors and all around favorite people. She is a marvelous teacher and a clear, full presence.
I am always struck by how Susan drops right into the heart of what is going on in each person and leads us to a deeper, fuller place
of resting, joy, movement and playfulness. In one short weekend, she manages to take us easily and gracefully to a depth that
always leaves me feeling renewed and excited about life. Her workshops nourish me and leave me feeling clear and full of energy.“
Suzanne Scurlock-Durana -

"Susan, I want to tell you, on the day of our skype session with you as my witness and mirror, I discovered something about myself that I didn't before know. I discovered my wholeness, my completeness. My incredible capacity to love and support myself.
With all of my wounds and soft sweet vulnerable parts present. Before that day I do not remember a time of knowing this in me.
The depth of meaning of this, as I practice being whole over and over... it is without words big enough that I am, the enormity of this tearful feeding and filling of the deepest ache in my soul. I am whole I am whole. Your presence helped me to see the more of me that I am."
Meran Cassidy -
Certified Rolfer and Movement Therapist

"I think Susan is a really great teacher, and I do not offer this compliment lightly.
Here are some of the things that worked for me in Susan's teaching style:
Susan's skill in building the connectedness, safety, and trust of the group.
Her ability to offer and share her "self," skills, knowledge, life experiences in a non-egotistical, non-narcissistic manner.
Susan's skillful weaving of information (concepts, models, containers) with active experience (in a mix that was just right for me).
Providing time for reflection in a variety of modes and structure/time for finding our seeds of things to remember and carry home with us.
Honoring the needs of individuals to speak in/to the group without letting us get carried to far a-field
or too far into any one person's issues/needs (i.e., setting good boundaries/limits).
For me, those five skills/qualities add up to a great learning experience.
Susan J. Fowler Organizatinal Development Consultant and Yoga Teacher

“Susan Harper’s Em’oceans and Sensations trainings help to ground my work, by providing practice, practical skills in tracking sensation and feeling, increasing my perceptual awareness, and developing more facility with dialogue. I highly recommend this work for everyone who works as a teacher or therapist.” Mary Abrams, Continuum Teacher Moving Body Resources, President of ISMETA.

Em'oceans and Sensations taught me about being in my body while in relationship to myself and others. Susan is gifted in matching content with pace in a way that allows embodiment and open curiosity. This workshop is invaluable for those who are becoming teachers and for teachers who want to expand themselves creatively." Kim Brodey – Continuum teacher.

Susan is a teachers' teacher. Her whole-bodied languaging brings me to greater depths, reminding me of what I already know, at the same time as awakening a new sense of knowing. I leave her workshops with new seams of creativity to weave into my own teaching of movement. I feel her heart, hear her words, and experience her movement as a teacher to me on all levels. She creates a rich, steamy cauldron, calling forth the most delicious inner stories from each of the participants.
From: Samara Michaelson, - Many Workshops with Susan Harper

"Susan is at home in her body, and moves with a wide range of subtle and instinctive energies. She teaches us how to liberate our breathing, soften our belly, and open our hearts. She helps re-orient, unfreeze perceptual options, and re-animate our vitality. Our own movement and feeling repertoire expands."Susan teaches availability to life. We are invited into lost, forbidden, and unknown places in our bodies and psyches." From: Stephanie Franz-Rivera, Movement Therapist.

Once again you bless my life. Jacques Tusseyian says this about "girls" : "They felt so much at home in the imagination, that with them I could dream twice as hard". I feel I "dream twice as hard" with your attention, awareness and sensorability. You are a true gem & I am blessed to have you as a teacher. Penny Allport - Continuum Teacher - Portals of Perception 2

The kind of communication Susan modeled and fostered in the group was authentic and true. The atmosphere Susan was able to quickly create in the group was compassionate and profoundly supportive. The workshop has helped me get in touch with a deeper understanding inside me through beginning to make connections among different parts of myself..... the wisdom of the body, the power of the emotions, the vision of spirit, and the discriminating ability of the intellect. This work is desperately needed in this culture where the norm is to elevate one or two and repress the others to the detriment of the whole. Kathy Conde – Student from Colorado.

The experiential part of this work is so powerful for manifesting the changes we are intending. Books & lectures just stay in my head - this work "goes" to all parts of me. I got pretty clearly - that instead of only checking in with my head (sometimes I also checked my heart) but now I can check in with my whole body - skin, bone, muscle, viscera and the "information" I get seems more in truth and not so filtered through the "rules", "shoulds" and culture. Gale Prososki - Marsland – Student from Tucson, AZ.

"Susan brings an amazing quality of presence and invitation to her work.  When I am with her my own uniqueness and curiosity just naturally emerge.   She creates a sacred container in which I can learn from myself and allow my inner wisdom to inform me.  I have learned much from Susan; I have learned much more from myself when I am with her. Playing in Dreamtime with Susan has shown me life's richness from many perspectives."  Dan Valens, - Dreamtime Workshop - Santa Barbara, CA

"What is profound, is how these awareness help me stand and face my life more fully. Healing from a Traumatic Brain Injury and growing from semi-paralysis to understanding awakeness was painful for sure. This work, Sensory Awareness with Judyth Weaver and Yoga with Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kootan are guiding me on a path to fullness and authenticityr." Charles, Seattle WA