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Susan Harper with guide Ken Ballard

Photos by Russell Bramlett 2008

During our Balinese journey we visit revered dancers, musicians, artists, priests, and teachers of mask making, herbs and healing. Bali has a culture where the mystery is still alive - where dance, music, art and ceremony are a part of everyday life. We may be invited to some of the most powerful ceremonies that happen every day in Bali.

For most of our time we will be staying at the extraordinarily beautiful Retreat Centers nestled in the fertile, emerald green rice fields in the countryside. This remote part of Bali remains unspoiled and is out of the usual tourist circuit.

We take frequent day trips to spend time with Balinese teachers and their families in their homes. These day trips include Ubud, the cultural center of Bali, ancient temples, as well as trips to the beach. Our trip culminates with a rebirth water ritual in the renowned Tampaksiring Holy Springs.

Why This Trip?
We create a participatory journey which combines the best of Ken Ballard's guiding and the sensual movement and awareness work of Susan Harper. Throughout the trip there is time for group work with dreams, movement, sounding, and sharing as well as time for exploring your own.

Continuum Montage explorations open us in an existential way and open our awareness to our environment. We create our own rituals in an alive and spontaneous way at various Holy sites.
We enter the mystery of the Balinese ceremonies with more depth. We look for opportunities for a creative East meets West exchange.

By keeping the group size to 14 participants we can stay tuned to individual needs and have a dynamic group process.

"Any of these experiences could be considered to be the highlight of a whole trip and you've given us one every day!" A quote from "C.S
.", a participant from a previous Bali Trip.

Bali Itinerary Highlights
Holy Sites
Goa Gadjah, the cave that seats Siva & Ganesh.
Gunung Kawi, the ancient megalithic tombs and meditation site.
Tenganan, a traditional Bali Aga village. Prayer ritual at a temple high on the Holy Mountain Agung. Rebirth water ritual at Tampaksiring Holy Springs.

Dances We Attend
Barong-Kris dance, Kecak (Monkey) Chant Fire Ceremony, and a private performance of Ida Bagus Anom's Topeng(Mask) dance.

Balinese Teachers

Ida Bagus Anom, a world famous mask maker and dancer teaches us how to dance the energies of the different masks. He also teaches us the renowned Kecak (Monkey) Chant

Ketut Liyer,

a local medicine man and herbalist, will conduct a purification ceremony for our group in his private temple in the family compound. Ketut draws and ritually empowers shamanic drawings that are used to augument healing and have been passed down for generations in his clan. He works with us individually to prescribe the correct majic drawings.
Artist, Deva Batuan and his family invite us into their home to teach us how to make the flower offerings for ceremonies.


Guide Ken Ballard
Long term resident of Bali and Thailand, will be our guide. Through his many years exploring in Bali, he has made special connections with some amazing people and places. These connections with the local scene takes us inside Bali that you would never see traveling as a tourist. His command of the Indonesian language and deep, genuine love for the people open doors in whatever situations we may find ourselves while on our journey.

Susan Harper
Susan Harper takes the inner movement awareness and inquiry process of Continuum Montage into sacred quest journeys, in nature and in other cultures. She has developed awareness practices to enliven our ability to feel, and to respond creatively in the immediacy of the present moment. Quest trips are for celebrating what is still wild, inside and out.