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Mentoring/Private Session – In Person and Phone Sessions Available
In a mentoring session, we bring innovative attention to new possibilities of “how” you move, breathe, feel, make meaning, and express the depths of what lives in your being. The intention of a mentoring session is to foster the embodied flowering of your heart, body, mind, and soul.

A mentoring session begins with a discussion to identify the areas of your life that need nurturing, coaching or spiritual mentorship. We dialogue together, becoming co-explorers of your particular issues, which can include: relationship, creativity, physical challenges, career, or life direction issues, amongst others.

Once we clarify your intention for the session, we enter a co-creative process of awareness and inquiry. We bring deep listening to “what is” which includes attending moment-to-moment to sensations, emotions, needs, organic movements, breath, and dream images, to uncover what is ready to be known.

Together we open a potent field of acceptance to fully perceive “what is” AND to hold “what is” with the creative tension of what is possible. This process leads to profound changes as the medicine gift that you carry for our world—most often hidden in the wound—is revealed, tended, and developed.

The styles of sessions vary and may include Continuum movement, breath and sound explorations, meditation, inquiry into perceptive orientations, dream work, Em’oceans and Sensation Awareness Practice, skills of intimacy, emotional communication and dialogue. We access possibilities for healing, deepening this incarnation, and heightening creative expression in resonance with the Earth and all living beings.

In addition to personal work, Susan loves to teach teachers—she developed the first Continuum teacher training practicum in the 90s, and continues to mentor Continuum teachers as well as teachers and professionals in many other arenas.

Who: Anyone who would benefit from a mentor or teacher in his or her life.

Cost: $150 for a 90-minute session

Contact: (310) 449-6653 or email susanharper2012@gmail.com

Mentoring/Private sessions with Susan Harper are designed for personal exploration and enrichment. They are not a substitution for medical, psychiatric or psychological consultation or treatment, though they may enhance other modalities of healing. Please consult with your current providers or with Susan Harper regarding the appropriateness of the Mentoring/Private Sessions for you.

(310) 449-6653